Selinsgrove Relay For Life

May 31 & June 1, 2013  

               Rules and Regulations for the Relay Weekend.   
                       June 3rd @ 1pm - June 4th till 1pm
*  Please park in designated parking areas.
*  Breakfast will be available Saturday morning.
*  Restrooms will be available during the entire event.
*  Smoking & Alcoholic beverages are PROHIBITED on Susquehanna University's property.
*  No pets are allowed at the event.  (Dogs, cats, snakes etc.)
*  Please help take care of the facilities and help keep them clean.  Each team is responsible for cleanup of its area.  Trash must be bagged and placed in on-site trashcans.
*  Gas grills only are allowed.  No Charcoal or Open Flames.
*  Only person wearing walking shoes or sneakers will be permitted on the track.  Please no bare feet.
*  Teenage teams must have an adult chaperone (at least 21 years of age) with the team at all times.
*  Please keep an eye out for little kids, that you don't run into them.   
             Things you might want on hand at your campsite
*  Snacks, Food, Gas Grill & Untensils, paper cups, plates, silverware, paper towels, condiments, Coolers of refreshments, to keep food items cold
*  Sweatshirt for at night when the temperature drops. 
*  Rain gear, Sun tan lotion, Hat to protect your head from the sun, Sunglasses,
*  Extra Clothing, sneakers, shoes, socks
*  Money, to buy food, or stuff at the Relay Mall.
 First Aid Kit, bug spray, Medicine, tTylenol  
*   Tent, Air mattress, sleeping bags, blankets, pillows
*   Lounge chairs, Games, cards, cell phones,
*   Shopping bags or garbage bags to put your trash and garbage in.
*  Lighter, Matches to light Gas Grills.  Foil
*  Paper, Pens, Calculator
*   Bring your friends, team members and family to the Relay and have a Great Time!!!
            Hope to see you there